You’ll Never Guess Which Apple Product Could Get Touch ID Next!

Touch ID Mac Pro MacBookTouch ID has arguably become one of the fastest adopted new Apple technologies, first introduced in fall of 2013 when Apple released their iPhone 5s, the fingerprint scanner has extended to both Apple’s latest iPhone (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) and iPad (iPad Air 2 and Mini 3) models. However, something is still missing – Touch ID has yet to be implemented into another category of Apple products: the company’s Mac lineup.
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According to what some sites throughout the Apple blogosphere are referring to as a “sketchy” report, the Taiwanese blog claims that Apple is indeed targeting Macs to be the next of company’s product lineup to receive the biometric fingerprint scanner we’ve all come to know and love.

iMac, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro to Receive Touch ID?

Touch Id Magic Mouse Mac

However, while Apple’s implementation solution for iPhone and iPad models was as simple as integrating the sensor directly into the home button, the same simply cannot be done for computers, the prospect of Touch ID for Mac poses several hardware problems.

With Apple’s MacBook Air likely scheduled for refresh as early as later this month, and the Retina MacBook Pro and rumored Retina MacBook Air possibly slated for mid-2015, time should reveal any plans the company may, or may not, have of Touch ID-equipped Macs.

Stay tuned for complete coverage on new Mac models, whether they feature Touch ID or not.

The aforementioned report cites sources claiming that the fingerprint scanner will be placed directly above the trackpad for MacBook models, whereas non-laptops (e.g. the iMac and Mac Pro) will have two options to choose from: either a Touch ID-integrated Magic Mouse or a similar Magic Trackpad with the sensor – don’t forget to like us on Facebook for complete updates.