Apptrackr, Developers Of Installous, Might Release Their Own Jailbreak

Judging by the recent tweet from the developers of Installous (@Apptrackr), it looks like DRM protection in the next major Jailbreak (from the conventional Dev Team). For those of you that don’t know, DRM protection is a way of securing the device to prevent App pirating – and that’s not okay with the developers of @Apptracker. The tweet clearly states that if DRM protection is included in the next mainstream Jailbreak, they will simply release their own NON-DRM Jailbreak:

Personally, I feel like mass-pirating is wrong (the occasional “try-before-you-buy” isn’t against my believes) – however, I think it’s an essential part of Jailbreaking. What most people don’t realize is that the “Installous-pirates” make up a minimum of 40% of all Jailbreakers and the complete prevention of app pirating is close to impossible.

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