Get F.lux on iOS 9.2 NO Jailbreak All iPhone, iPod and iPad Models

F.lux is arguably one of, if not, the most popular Jailbreak tweaks in existence – it modifies the display’s color warmth at night to create a more pleasant usability experience. However, with the release of iOS 9.2, as well as Apple’s latest hardware release (being the iPad Pro), countless Jailbreakers who remain stuck on vanilla iOS 9.1 – 9.2 find themselves craving the simple utility. Thankfully, in light of Apple’s iOS 9-exclusive self-signing Xcode 7 policies, we can make use of an unpublished app by installing it with our Apple ID – no developer account, jailbreak or special software required; just a Mac, Xcode and the project file!

Flu.x-like Features on iOS 9.2

Delving straight into this, ensure that you proceed on a Mac (it’s a requirement of Xcode) to obtain f.lux-like functionality – without further ado, let’s proceed!

How to Get Flux on iOS 9.0.2 (No Jailbreak)!

Xcode for flux iOS 9

Step 1. Obtain legitimate versions of the GoodNight project (the flux-like iOS 9.2 app) and Xcode, both of which are linked to in the below download section.

Step 2. Connect to your Mac via USB, open the GoodNight.xcodeproj file within the GoodNight-master project directory obtained in the previous step and select your device in the upper left of Xcode.

Step 3. Change the bundle identifier to something you can easily remember for both the GoodNight and GoodNight Widget targets inside the General tab (e.g. ‘com.test.goodnight’ and ‘com.test.goodnight.GoodNight-Widget, respectively).

Note: Leave the ‘.GoodNight-Widget’ suffix in place for the widget’s bundle identifier.

Step 4. Click on the capabilities tab, enable “App Groups”, click the plus button (you will need to sign in to a regular Apple ID account if you haven’t before), ensure that your custom group matches that of your identifier (e.g. ‘’) and uncheck the original ‘’ app group. Remember, you’ll need to enable/toggle the custom app group for both the GoodNight and GoodNight Widget targets.

Step 5. Expand the Goodnight project at the far left (simply click the triangle button to the left of its name), navigate to Shared > Supporting Files > PrefixHeader.pch and change the appGroupID to match the custom group you established in the previous step.

Step 6. Click the play button in the upper left of Xcode. Upon the successful build of the development GoodNight app, launch the Settings app on iOS > General > Profiles and trust the Apple ID account profile that should now be added to your iOS 9 – 9.2 device.

Congratulations, after having followed just six simple steps, you’ve successfully installed an app that enables f.lux features on your iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 9 through 9.2.1, Apple’s latest firmware releases!

Download F.lux for iOS 9.2 – NO Jailbreak

Thank you for following my latest f.lux for iOS 9.2 (GoodNight) installation tutorial. Stay tuned for complete coverage on not only the iOS 9.2 firmware and the forthcoming iOS updates (i.e. iOS 9.2.1), but also future iterations of TaiG and Pangu Jailbreak tools – be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and add us on Google+ to be notified when we publish future articles and tutorials.