How to Install iOS 9 Public Beta

Today, Apple released iOS 9 beta to the public, marking the first ever public iOS beta seed! While the procedure to update your device to iOS 9 isn’t explicitly outlined by Apple or highlighted on their homepage, the process is incredibly straightforward and we’re going to walk you through it now!

First, ensure that you visit this page on your iOS device in mobile Safari for the most convenient setup and install process.

Next, follow the steps below to complete an iOS 9 beta update:

Download and Install iOS 9 Public Beta 1

1. Navigate to Apple’s public beta portal and return to this post.

2. Ensure your device is running iOS 8.1.3 or higher.

Note: If you’re Jailbroken, you’ll need to restore to iOS 8.4 (simply connect to iTunes, backup, restore to iOS 8.4 and restore from your backup), as OTA updates are completely incompatible with Jailbroken devices.

3.  Tap this link, sign in with your Apple ID and tap the button to install the iOS 9 Public Beta Configuration Profile.

4. Reboot your device when prompted, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the basic on-screen process to update to iOS 9 Public Beta 1!

Congratulations, after four basic steps you’ve successfully updated your device to iOS 9 beta without a Developer Account and UDID registration.

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