Some iOS 9 Features Revealed: Jailbreak iOS 9 Post 8.3 Not Possible?

iOS 9 JailbreakToday, as WWDC (Apple’s annual June World Wide Developers Conference) quickly approaches, we wanted to share some features and improvements Apple will allegedly announce for one of the key points of the forthcoming conference: iOS 9, which could make Jailbreaking infinitely more difficult.
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Codenamed “Monarch,” after a mountain, iOS 9 will feature polish more than anything else. According to 9to5Mac, the firmware will implement an Apple Watch-inspired version of Siri (with the colored waves), a default wallpaper that’s primarily blue and green and, apparently, massive security improvements.

iOS 9 And Jailbreaking Post iOS 8.3, 8.4

The latter of the above revisions is clearly problematic for jailbreakers who rely on the exploitation of various iOS vulnerabilities to achieve root access. For an in-depth analysis of how the next firmware may play into jailbreaking’s future, I recommend watching my above video in its entirety.

Of course, while anything pertaining to iOS 9 that’s “rumored” prior to its announcement will remain just that, rumors, it seems the firmware will also be focused on general stabiltity and performance enhancements across the board.

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