iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Coming, Release Date? iPhone 8 Rumors, tvOS 9.1, WatchOS 2.1 And More!

Welcome to the two hundredth and thirty-eighth episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors!

In today’s episode I discuss this week’s release of iOS 9.2, WatchOS 2.1, tvOS 9.1, OS 10.11.2, the iPhone 6S battery case and Apple’s SD to Lightning converter, as well as the next Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 9.2.

Best Tech Info And Rumors: Episode 238

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1. Official iOS 9.2 Jailbreak iOS 9 Update, Pangu & iOS 9.2 Release, New Jailbreak Coming?

2. iOS 9.2 Written Changelog, New Jailbreak In Sight? Complete Features!

3. Pre 9.2 Jailbreak 9.0.2 Untethered Pangu iOS iPhone 6S Plus,6 5s,5c,4S,iPod 6 & iPad Air 2, Mini 4 Tutorial.

4. NEW iPhone 7 Prototypes: USB-C, Sapphire, No Home Button & Rumors.

5. iPhone 7 May Get Rid Of 3.5mm Headphone Jack Port?

6. Free Apps Fast, iOS 9.2 Get Paid Apps Free How To Without Jailbreak 9.2 And Free Gift Cards.

7. New Jailbreak And iOS 9.2 Updates From Pangu Jailbreak, A Great News Source.

8. All iPhone 7 Rumors And Updates Available In My Playlist

9. Smart Keyboard Review & Unboxing for iPad Pro “Epic, Too Expensive, Buy Now?”

10. New Jailbreak Tutorials, iOS 9.2 Reviews, Unboxing And Apple Videos will be Posted on My Channel!

Official Jailbreak iOS 9.2 Update

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