Forget The iPad Air 2, iPad Pro Allegedly Leaked: 12-inch Display, Quad-Speakers And More?!

iPad Pro LeakRecently, a new (alleged) internal sketch of what’s claimed to be Apple’s significantly larger rumored “iPad Pro” surfaced, and in turn propagated throughout the Apple blogosphere. The image was purportedly leaked by a Foxconn employee (one of Apple’s manufacturing partners – as reported by, although I doubt the individual will remain in his current position if the below image is indeed authentic.

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The new ‘sketch’ could very well be our first glimpse of the larger – almost obscenely so – iPad, which is also said to measure between 6.9 and 7.5mm thick.

iPad Pro Leaked – Quad-Speakers And 12-inch Display

iPad Air Plus leak

For comparison, Apple’s iPhone 6 measures in at 6.9mm in thickness, whereas the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 are 7.1 and 6.1mm, respectively. The potential increase in depth of a larger iPad could undoubtedly be attributed to more substantial internal components, namely the logicboard and battery.

Furthermore, the source also claims that the device will have a total of four different integrated speaks, with a set featured on both the top, as well as the bottom.

Past rumors have also suggested that the device’s display may measure anywhere from 12.2 to 12.9-inches, measuring diagonally, and will boast an A8X CPU, 2GB of RAM, like the ‘smaller’ iPad Air 2, and Apple’s Touch ID sensor. Interestingly, the device may also take after Apple’s iPhone 6 lineup, as it may be dubbed the “iPad Air Plus”.

At any rate, rumors pertaining to a larger iPad certainly aren’t new, but the above image may highlight what’s to come – a sleek design, four speakers and a larger display. As always, thank you for reading – keep it locked to Best Tech Info for more on not only the iPad Pro (or iPad Air Plus), but also future iOS 8 releases, as well as new Jailbreak utilities. To be notified of any, and all, updates, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and add us on Google+.