iPad Pro Dummy Leaked: Suggests USB-C AND Lightning Ports!

iPad Pro LeakedEnsuing the images of a purported iPhone 6c that leaked earlier today, pictures of a mockup iteration of the highly rumored larger, 12-inch, iPad Pro began making their way across the Apple blogosphere. But that’s not even the interesting part, said mockup features either two Lightning ports, with the secondary one positioned on the opposite side, or a USB-C port!
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If accurate, the former of the two possibilities seems infinitely more likely, as two Lightning ports would be entirely redundant.

iPad Pro Dummy: Side USB-C?

iPad Pro Leaked Dummy

The idea of an iPad featuring a USB-C port (the single port found on the upcoming “New MacBook” for both data transfer and charging), could open up a plethora of options for connecting peripherals, including keyboards, mice, external storage devices and so much more.

iPad Pro Leaked, Just a Dummy?iPad Pro Leaked Bottom

The images, originally publicized on the Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo (see the below update), highlight the mysterious aforementioned port, a headphone jack, speakers and the supposed device’s camera.

It’s widely known that while some case and accessory manufacturers create dummy units of pre-release devices to spec, a number of fakes end up floating around as well. However, that being said, the foreign port on the left side of this particular dummy matches up with that of a previously leaked iPad Pro case, though it was originally believed to be a slot for a SIM card, it makes more sense that it would be intended for a port (in light of the fact that it’s a cutout, you don’t find cutouts for SIM cards on iPhone cases).

Although it may seem “un-Apple” (so to speak) for the company to include a USB port on any iDevice, so does the rumored iPad Pro itself. Furthermore, the similarities between USB-C and Lightning are unmistakably clear, from its more compact form factor to its reversible nature.

So will Apple release a larger iPad Pro? Only time will tell, stay tuned for full coverage – don’t forget to like us on Facebook for complete updates.

Update: The images highlighted in today’s article were originally publicized last month by VandaagApple.nl.