Functional iPhone 6 Allegedly Detailed In-Depth On Video – Breaking Coverage

iPhone 6 fully leakedWith a mere two days left until Apple’s incredibly-hyped iPhone 6 unveiling event, it’s arguably the most exciting time of the year for Apple enthusiasts. Today, ensuing yesterday’s leaked images of a claimed functional and activated iPhone 6, a new 7 minute-long walkthrough video of the device was posted.

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Additionally, as with the images from yesterday, the videos found below don’t feature any of the telltale signs that the device highlighted is a fake Android-based clone.

Moreover, we’ll know for certain on Tuesday when the iPhone 6 is officially unveiled by Apple.

This week’s episode of BestTechInfo and Rumors features additional iPhone 6-related leaks.

Without further ado, the videos uploaded by the same leaker as yesterday (in a subsequent post following yesterday’s leaked images), in addition to a new 7-minute overview video, are embedded below.

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