iPhone 6, Apple Watch And iPhone 6 Plus Unveiling Event – LIVE!

iPhone 6 Live EventWith Apple’s iPhone 6, and possibly iPhone 6+ and iWatch, unveiling currently underway, the excitement and sheer anticipation amongst Apple enthusiasts couldn’t be higher. The media event already commenced with a keynote presentation, at which time Apple is expected to showcase, at the bare minimum, the future of their iPhone hardware lineup. Earlier: Larger 5.5-Inch ‘iPhone 6+’ Said To Launch Alongside iPhone 6, Release Date Confirmed? While a number of factors concerning the forthcoming event remain shrouded in mystery, particularly those pertaining to the highly elusive iWatch, like with years past, the primary focal point will undoubtedly be the iPhone 6!

iPhone 6 Unveiling Event – Live!

In addition to my usual real-time Tweet updates (follow me on Twitter here), this page is scheduled to feature live video courage from directly inside the event itself. FreeAppLife sponsor

iPhone 6 side

Early iPhone 6 leak matches actual iPhone 6.

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