iPhone 6s Rumors: 2GB Of RAM And All-New Apple SIM?!

iPhone 6s Apple SIM
Today, first publicized in a report from AppleInsider, new iPhone 6s rumors are beginning to propagate throughout the Apple blogosphere that suggest the forthcoming next-generation iPhone will not only feature 2GB of RAM, but will also come shipped with a purported iPhone-adapted “Apple SIM”!
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Similar to the iPad Air 2, Apple may sell the iPhone 6s with a pre-loaded generic SIM that could serve the purpose of being applied to any carrier, making the overall process that much easier on the company.

Additional iPhone 6S Rumors

Additionally, both the next-generation iPhone 6s and its larger iPhone 6s Plus counterpart are expected to sport 2GB of RAM, which was also first introduced in the company’s iDevice line-up by the latest iPad Air 2.

Interestingly, the Apple SIM will allow customers to choose between a number of carriers without being forced into a binding long-term plan, a first for any iPhone. Although the 2GB of RAM bump was predictable for Apple’s next-generation “S” upgrade, and has made its way through the Apple rumor mill several times already, the inclusion of an Apple SIM would certainly be a welcomed addition for individuals who purchase their devices outright.

With approximately half a year left between now and Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, stay tuned for complete coverage on the new devices as we progress further into 2015 – don’t forget to like us on Facebook for any, and all, updates.