iPod Touch 6th Generation Refresh Actually Happening? 64-bit CPU and More!

iPod touch 6Following the recent launch of Apple Music and iTunes 12.2 (we’ll loop back to that shortly), new rumors pertaining to new iPod touch 6, iPod nano and iPod shuffle models surfaced on iGen.fr (a French site with a decent track record) and began spreading through the Apple blogosphere yesterday.

Without a new iPod touch model since 2012’s 5th generation device, save the minor changes to the now dated iPod, customers and industry watchers alike have pondered whether Apple will cease refreshes for the device.

iPod touch 6 (2015 Refresh)

New iPod Colors

Images of all six new iPod colors via MR.

However, last week sparked new hope amongst iPod touch fans, as new color options were uncovered in the latest iTunes 12.2 update, which most notably appear upon the setup of a restored iPod touch. While that’s certainly something, new colors wouldn’t breathe fresh life into the product line which it desperately needs in order to survive. That’s where these new rumors come into play.

iGen claims that while the iPod nano and shuffle models will only receive the aforementioned color changes seen in iTunes 12.2 (featuring the following model bumps: n31 to n31a and n12b to n12d for the nano and shuffle, respectively), the iPod touch will see a more drastic shift.

Currently, the iPod touch features an internal model number of n78, which may be bumped to n102, a significant increase compared to the minor nano and shuffle changes. The iPod touch 6 is rumored to feature a 64-bit processor. Interestingly, the report cites July 14th as a release date for the three new iPod models mentioned in today’s coverage – we’ll find out whether the rumor holds true this coming Tuesday.

Furthermore, iPod touch shipment estimates are now slipping to 3-5 business days through Apple’s online store for customers in the US and Canada, which typically indicates the refresh of a product is imminent.

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