Leaked iPad Mini 4 Images Reveal Massive iPad Air 2-esque Design Improvements!

iPad Mini 4 LeakedWhile the iPad Air 2 was a drastic improvement over its predecessor, boasting significant reductions in weight and form factor while also reducing the air gap between the display, a number of customers were severely disappointed that the device’s smaller cousin didn’t receive the same treatment: the iPad mini 3. Today, ensuing last week’s iPhone 6c leak and iPad Pro dummy images, Nowhereelse.fr publicized images of what’s allegedly the rear casing for Apple’s forthcoming iPad mini 4.
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As mentioned above, the iPad mini 3 regrettably maintained the same design as both of its predecessors, with the only noticeable hardware upgrade being the implementation of Touch ID.

iPad Mini 4 Change #1: Speakers

However, if today’s leak is any (accurate) indication of the iPad mini’s future, those interested in the smaller tablet may be in for a treat this fall. The aluminum enclosure is, of course, reminiscent of the corresponding component for the current iPad mini 3, but it features several iPad Air 2-inspired design elements.

In the component pictured above, there’s a single larger row of speak cutout holes on either side of the Lightning port in lieu of a smaller double row speaker layout.

iPad Mini 4 Change #2: Mute SwitchiPad mini 4 Leaked Back

Additionally, as with the larger iPad Air 2, the microphone cutouts have been repositioned and the mute / rotation switch has vanished, presumably to accommodate what will undoubtedly be an iPad Air 2-inspired thinner design.

iPad Mini 4 Rumors And News

iPad mini 4 Leaked Internal backAlthough not much is currently known when it comes to the next-generartion iPad mini, the above changes can likely be expected, as it was only a matter of time before the smaller device received a slight overall design improvement.

Finally, the tablet, like its predecessors, will likely be released in the late fall months of this year, 2015. Stay tuned for complete coverage on both the new iPad mini 4 and what may very well be dubbed the iPad Air 3 and don’t forget to like us on Facebook for updates.