5 NEW iPhone 7 Prototypes: USB-C, Multi 3D Touch, Dual Cameras, NO Home Button?

Today, following the recent rumor pertaining to the removal of the headphone jack port on the forthcoming iPhone 7, a new and somewhat questionable report claims that Apple is currently testing a minimum of five new iPhone 7 variations, each with key differecnes.

Although said report from G For Games, who has made other pre-release next-gen iPhone claims in the past, can’t be determined as valid or invalid at this point, several other new rumors (from the same source) have sprung up over the past 24 hours as well.

First, starting with the claim of five iPhone 7 testing models, it’s said that one iteration has ditched Apple’s lightning connector in favor of a USB-C port. However, that seems highly unlikely for two reason. Firstly, Apple has made a huge push with their Lightning connector as of late for both mobile and peripheral devices, adding the ports to not only the company’s latest range of bluetooth Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad for Macs, but also the new Apple TV’s remote as a point for charging the inoput device.

iPhone 7: Thinner Ports, Not Thicker!

USB-C vs Lightning Port iPhone-7

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Secondly, Apple wants a thinner iPhone, which they can easily achieve with the Lightning port. The same however cannot be said if the iPhone 7 were to adopt USB-C, as it’s roughly the same width as a 3.5mm headphone jack, which the company is rumored to axe in favor of thinness!

Additionally, the report in question also claims that Apple is in the process of testing various iPhone 7 models with wireless charging technology (likely similar to the Apple Watch’s inductive charging capabilties), multi-touch 3D Touch, dual cameras and an in-display fingerprint Touch ID-like sensor.

iPhone 7 Rumors

Provided the latter feature persists in the production version of the iPhone 7, it would almost certainly require a sapphire cyrstal display cover, as that’s a requirement of Touch ID sensors, to ensure no scratches obscure the reading of fingerprints. Furthermore, an in-display fingerprint sensor could finally reduce the larger-than-most-phones’ bezels at the top and bottom of the device and would eliminate the need for a physical home button entirely.

As for “multi-touch 3D Touch”, that could mean a user may be able to have additional options appear when they press into the display harder with two fingers than with a single finger, which is how the iPhone 6S’ 3D Touch feature behaves.

From Plastic To Metal? Cheaper iPhone 6S?

iPhone 6c or iPhone 7c

Finally in a separate report, G For Games cites “Foxconn insiders”, Foxconn of course being the company Apple contracts for the vast majority of their production needs, suggests that the rumorored 4-inch iPhone we discussed previosuly will replace the iPhone 5c.

Additionally, the entry-level device is said to be slated for announcment by the company in January and be available for purchase in February. The device isn’t expected to integrate 3D Touch, a feature Apple wants to utilize to differentiate the device from the higher cost iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus models. However, the new 4-inch iPhone will likely recieve the same A9 chip as the 6S, though possibly underclocked, a Touch ID sensor and metal casing in lieu of the plastic shell of the iPhone 5c.

As a reminder, we’re still in the beginning stages of iPhone 7 rumors, stay tuned for additional reports covering the forthcoming device as we progress into 2016 – also, all iPhone 7 reports are available here.

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