Top iOS 9.0 App Store Apps for All iPhones, iPods and iPads: Spotlight & Multitasking

Today, ensuing Apple’s recent release of iOS 9, I wanted to share 9 of my favorite apps that have recently been updated to support the latest 9.0 firmware. Also, before we delve into today’s iOS 9 apps list, for those of you interested in winning one of Apple’s all-new metallic Lightning Docks, ensure that you watch the above video for instruction; the giveaway will conclude right before my iPhone 6S giveaway commences this Friday!

To preface, none of the new features offered by iOS 9’s developer APIs are nearly as exciting as last year’s iOS 8 APIs, which added Touch ID support, third-party keyboards, Safari extensions and more. With that in mind, this video might get a part 2 when iOS 9.1 launches with its developer API for 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

iOS 9 App Store Developer APIs

App Store Free iOS 9 Apps
Among a slew of under-the-hood features, iOS 9 adds deep search functionality and true split-screen multitasking APIs for developers.

Just note that as of now, until we receive an iOS 9 Jailbreak (update here), full split-screen is reserved for the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4, the latter of which is the device of choice for the above video. The iPad Air, mini 2 and mini 3 can simply use the 1/3 slide over feature, which isn’t nearly as cool, and PIP (or picture in picture).

The Best iOS 9 Apps from Apple’s App Store

Top iOS 9 Apps

Without further ado, let’s start the latest list of iOS 9 apps with those that utilize iOS 9’s new integrated, and deep, search capabilities.

1. Whole Foods (link), empowers users to find local stores, create shopping lists and more, but the reason it made this list is for the recipes feature.

Inside of Spotlight, simply search for recipes and it will look within the Whole Foods app – get as general or specific as you want!

2. B&H Photo (link) is a great one for anyone into filming or even general tech; chances are good B&H will sell what you’re looking for. Like Whole Foods, Spotlight searches for equipment (or product B&H carries) will appear and lead to their specific listings within the app.

Shadowmatic iOS 9 App

Download Shadowmatic for iOS 9!

3. Shadowmatic (link) has been updated to function beautifully on iOS 9 – the concept of the game is to simply rotate bizarre and abstract objects to create familiar shadows. Shadowmatic was previously a premium app and will likely return to its paid status shortly, but for now, it remains Apple’s “Free App of the Week”.

4. Twitter (link) is the first app in this list that has been updated to completely support iOS 9’s split view multitasking capabilities on compatible iPads. If you’re not currently following me on Twitter, I highly recommend doing so to receive the most important iOS 9 and Jailbreak updates.

5. 1Password (link) just received an iOS 9-exclusive makeover and fully supports split-screen. The app is free, with some extra premium features – but you’ll easily be able to store all your passwords safely and securely with the ever-awesome 1Password. In fact, you never need to remember a single password again, except your 1Password.

6. Hulu (link), the popular streaming app, has been updated for improved multitasking with iOS 9. Watch Hulu videos and interact with other apps simultaneously thanks to iOS 9’s PIP (picture in picture) app support.

Breakneck iOS 9 Top App

Get Breakneck for iOS 9 here!

7. Breakneck (link) is a cool and slick futuristic racing game that enables you to record your favorite sessions using the new built-in screen record iOS 9 API, which saves them straight to your camera roll; it can even record commentary through your mic!

8. Call of Champions (link) is a MOBA (or multi player online battle arena) – I haven’t had time to fully play through, but it looks awesome from the trailer. It’s also cool enough to receive the official “App Store Editors’ Note” seal of approval, so it has to be at least semi-addicting.

9. Sky (link) wasn’t necessarily designed with iOS 9’s new APIs in mind, but its stunningly simple gameplay easily makes it one of those simple ‘pick-up-and-go’ apps that you can play for one round or twenty rounds and still not lose interest! Simply swipe up to jump or swipe twice for a double jump to collect coins and avoid obstacles.

10 (bonus). Documents 5 (link) lets you download and annotate a number of different document files, including PDFs. This app ties in quite a few new iOS 9 features, including CloudKit functionality, expansive Spotlight search and split view multitasking.

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